Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Burn Burn

Today i shall be drawing with FIRE, ahem yes the 1st attempt didn't not end well =/

At 1st i tried to bur patterns into paper and it just rose in flames or left big brown blotches it was very inconsistent so i decided to draw on the paper 1st with water and then burn into it this
seemed to work leaving a white crumpled image surrounded in scorch marks.

I then thought hay what's flammable! and so painted with a bit of white spirit and tried to set it along to burn a nice neat pattern, but this wasn't so simple as the fumes evaporated before i could get a flame on them, but it did leave some awesome dirty fume marks on the revers side.

thinking up lodes of ways i could do cool things i tried wetting patterns on the paper then cooking them in the oven but this didn't brown them just died out the paper and made it very hot -_-*

I then burnt leopard spots into paper but ended up just being erm holes and well burning my fingers servile times in the proses. So i thought about layering, dug out some fabric and places some albino snake skin underneath. Kinda reminds me of the burns on the back were the blisters are all peeling off leaving the raw skin underneath.

I then though ooo skin and started burning the snake skin melting holes in it, shriveling and hardening the texture of it i think worked really really well and creates a gre
at texture. almost like burning into human skin ( if it didn't blister and peel of corse).

And to conclude my finger now smell of gas.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Busy busy bee

Righti ho, finally got a chance to update some more and make some posts.
Been stuck in a room for weeks churning out designs and making them, i now have a collection of two jackets, a dress, some trousers and a two skirts. (il get pictures of them up soon)

Jacket. This is a 5-7 pice garment, the first pice consists of 2-4 pieces that makes a hollow oval these are the arms, with the idea of joining them restricting moment and the ability to pretty much do anything. then the body is simple attached with an under-yoke and a chunky zip on the back, one finished with white surgical marking stitches the other bleach into and warn out coloring.
Skirts! After making one witch was well tad to frumpy yes tight at the knee with altering patens, vertical and horizontal striping pattern (in the aim of a deformity in the pattern because its not all the same) i decided to make another one. This little nightmare was aufal to make as i erm cut all the pieces out a tad wrong and had to skim bits off in order to add bits in to make it all work, it works on the bases of an hourglass shame, skinny waist, bulgy hips and exceedingly tight on the knee restricting the ability to walk. The aim of this skirt is t corset the lower half and restrict movement giving you a slight handicap. This also has alternating panels of pattern and has been bleached into.
The trouser, with a mega low crouch double pleat on the front single on the back sides, done in grey planed to be coated in plaster these little beauties are comfy smart cash and hard to walk in if you have a large stride, for these i should have added an extra crotch pice to make them a bit baggier or done some prints o the leg to make them a tad more exsighting.
The finally pice, beautiful cream fake fur arms and a stiff pattern body that drops bellow the knee with draww string to stiffen and pull and crunch this fabric, its elegant and very hard to get in as it has no zip, with this the fur is shaven into and matterd one side and flawless the other, the bottem i plan to plaser to give it that bulky stiffness inspired my MA-KE.