Monday, 26 April 2010

FMP catch up.

Right so to zipp up to speed so far i have;
Started my research witch all came about from looking at albino animals for patters and a new spin on my carry on project, cogs soon started turning and i began looking into how animals came about getting the albino gene (a lack in pigments in the skin and hair cells), finding it as a genetic deformity lead me to look at others, as an oveus cause of these came clear to be nuclei radiation exposure : Hiroshima, Chernobyl both devastating leaving their nuclei stain. Bleached out destroyed scenery, shadow burns, deform children, surgical correction. Mind running 150 MPH idea sprouting left right and center, Forcing it down into my 1st sketch book.

Step two, 2 ideas embedded into my head of designs strategically planning them out on paper getting a real image of them, it soon become apparent these would just just as difficult and challenging to make as always ;]
Pinned up planed out a single sleeve jacket with an under-yoke, impossible to get n by yourself (impossible to stitch together)
In completing my mock up more ideas sprouting in fabric and patters, Annotating my sketch book, doodling in my planner things soon began to take off faster. o_O

Special effect; have a tad too much fun torturing fake fur, bleaching into fabrics, playing witch chemicals burning off top layers getting moth eaten, destroyed nuked up effect on fabric even if it did leave me with a spinning had having to retire for a power nap >.<. Sanding holes in thick woven fabric creating a hole reel of samples to witch now intend to heavily indulge into with all my designs, hmmm fur, albino snake skin. Sleep becoming an inconveniences but necessity from my tiring body.

. . . . .and so up to date on the old FMP mind diary i find the empty spaces soon filled with more challenging ideas. =/