Thursday, 25 February 2010

Docks Day

A little old photography down ye old docks as it was tooooo cold to draw my fingers were numb and felt like they were bleeding x_X
Was also a good chance to play with my new camera =P

Monday, 22 February 2010


Searise of prints on different fabrics and testers.

Stone and ribbons

A cubic approach on life
drawing combining
the harsh hard contours
of the solid body to the
flowing soft see thru
ribbon. A2 charcoal
and ink.

A chalk and charcoal drawing
of a stone figure wrapped in
ribbon, witch i differentiated
from the figure by using oil
pastels giving it vibrance
and life. A2, purple paper.

Massacred mannequin

Two drawings of a battered old mannequin, one in pencil the other in chalk and charcoal, iv tried t give the effect of the wear and tare and texture of the stuffing and holes.

A2 on sugar paper

Tedious Zebra stripes

A set of tediously cut out screen prints of zebra stripes done on white cotton witch black ink, One a repeat cross pattern the other a seres of random overlapping prints. A2-1

Insects are in

This is a sketch of a 3D sculpture of a praying mantis, done on ripped and taped together paper, I used Green oil pastels with heavy black ink dripped and splattered on
roughly A3

Image play

This was an image i got of peacock feathers, flipped mirrored and rotated it to make a larger and symertical pattern, to witch i then made negative and enhanced the color on photoshop to do this amazing digital print onto fabric.

Life drawing with Anable

A composition of light and dark on yellow paper using chalk and charcoals, Focusing on the curves and fullness of the body.
A2 size.

A tryptic of images each in a different color, white, blue and black ink. White focasing on the facial features and mood, Blue the position and body as a hole and black on the hand and arm position with detail.
A2, orange paper.

A warm up drawing with ink, chalk and charcoal, drawing 1st off normally with ink and a stick, then left handed with chalk and then left and right handed with charcoal and chalk.
A2 Green paper.