Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Samples samples SAMPLES!

Right finally had some time to upload my samples iv been playing with >.<

The final sample, discharge paste painted in a DNA pattern not worked so well so i shall look into printing with white ink instead on fabric like this.

These tow samples is more discharge paste on a double sided fabric im going to use for my skirt , the paste really takes out all the colour and it looks allot better than i expected..

More discharge paste and its never looked better, really cannot weight to use this on a larger scale it came out better than any and looks so assume =P

Hear we have 3 mini samples of playing with holes in fabric, 1 just see through one with bulging clumps of fur and another with the snake skin underneath, cant weight to put these on a garment.

This mess was an attempt to stitch a DNA strand pattern into fabric subtle white on grey, with free stitch machine, it somewhat worked?

Found this albino snake skin at a bargain price, hear iv cut into it and used an inline to pull through the hole to create a tumor like bulge .

Fur fur everywhere and not a drop to spare >.<>

This is the same garish green velvet but iv used discharge paste on it to tae out the colour, iv played with albino style leopard prints time consuming but worth it.

This is the material i intend to use for my inked arm jacket, its greeny velvet hear iv tried out fabric acid burning off the top layer of the hairs this give such a nice effect, looks worn and moth eaten perfect for my design.

well those are my samples wait in anticipation to see them on my real garment cant weight to do them, but maybe not the discharge paste so much as it caused me a rather bad head ake >.<>